Thursday, May 19, 2011

I have too many tabs open.

Weird, I know.

This is a slideshow that looks really excellent, but which I haven't even come close to watching all the way through. Done by the BBC, so it's probably quality.

This is a really great mug that I want to buy. Made in the USA. Please check it out. You will probably laugh, and/or feel smug.

An article from The Onion on the disappearing grown-up.

I want this. Read the description. There's a pretty funny video about it that someone posted on facebook, but I've already closed my facebook tab, so you're sol unless you Youtube it.

Don't believe in evolution? Don't be ridiculous. Open your eyes. (And before you get out your pitchfork, please remember that this sentence is being typed by a Christian type person.) Here are seven animals that are evolving right before our very eyes.

What Spiderman should have been inspired by. I never realized how awesome tarantulas were until just now.

And lastly, the world's smallest stop-motion animation. Now with 3D printing! And quite cute.

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