Tuesday, August 26, 2014


After a summer of wearing Rainbow flip flops (very comfortable; not at all squishy) almost exclusively, taking an evening walk in athletic shoes feels like heaven.

(What are these things on my feet? Springs? Maybe I can complete today's burpee challenge after all!)

Life, by the way, is rolling steadily along. Had quite a bit of drama in the family/close friends group over the past six months: a long hospital stay, a twice-broken ankle, a cancer scare (that is to say, it was indeed cancer, but it's been removed), a bipolar relapse...but things have been leveling out, and there are also several weddings coming up, and there's been a good amount of playing in waves and sand, and a couple of friendships restored and others renewed, and a new camping hammock, and more reading than I've done in quite a while. Things are good.


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    1. This comment looked so spammy that that's what I assumed it was, upon first glance. Looking back, it seems instead to be a deliberate (and honestly, rather hateful) lost of articles that I don't plan to read.

      Listen, anonymous, and listen well: believing that an entire field of medicine is "a massive hoax" is your prerogative, but until someone you love goes off the deep end and needs psychiatric help, I don't consider qualified to comment on this issue.

      Furthermore, what kind of chip have you got on your shoulder that you'd read about someone's half-year from hell and feel the need to go on a tear based on two words from said description about how their family's experience is invalid?

  2. Glad to read you again, Marie! And very glad things are looking up for you.