Monday, March 19, 2012

I ought to be in bed

But Chloe is home. My beautiful baby sister, who turns twenty in just over two months. I'm not sure how that happened. Neither of us is really okay with it.

But yesterday I was so worried that she might not be able to come that I made Ian sit and listen to the whole saga of her transportation attempts on our way home from the beach. (By the way, we went to the beach with his friends.) And today when came home from work and saw her I danced over and hugged her and she started laughing, because I looked so happy. We eventually took Miley for a walk, and when we got to the creek at the bottom of our hill, we stopped to listen to the water and the peeping frogs, and then we sat, and then we lay in the dirt and looked up through the trees and the stars, and she took and held my hand in silence, and I was so grateful for the place and the moment and for time with my sister that I wept a little, in silence.

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  1. Oh this is lovely. I am flying out of JFK tonight to Seattle, and from there will have two glorious family-filled weeks in the Pacific Northwest. And of all the relatives and friends I will have the pleasure of spending time with, it is my baby brother (married and newly a father and homeowner, and oh so frighteningly grown up these days compared to me the big sister) whom I most can't wait to see. Glad you have a similarly lovely sibling relationship!