Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jobs and weather

I had a job interview this morning, and was asked back for a second interview this coming Monday! So that's promising. And exciting. I was also emailed to set up a phone interview for an ethnographer position on Tuesday. Also a plus.

After I came home I went out again to see my friend Anna. It had been a while, and we ended up hanging out all day, which was pretty great. I took the scenic route home through the rain, really a heavy mist at this point, which has continued uninterrupted for two days now. I have this near obsession with the motion of groups--flocks of birds, groups of people, clouds, schools of fish, raindrops. I love to watch things move. I stared up into the yellowed streetlights the whole way home, watching the rain drift through. It was beautiful.

I love, too, rainy nights in winter where the rain slicks onto the ground like a mirror, reflecting everything back in sharp contrast and bright colors. The brightness against the dark almost never fails to make me think of Christmas, regardless of the actual season.

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