Friday, November 6, 2009

Things I Am Sick Of

Joblessness (that's a shocker right there, I know)
Broke-ness (related to the above, obviously)
Recurring angst
boyfriend related
job or money related
whatthefuckamIdoingwithmylife related
living-with-my-parents related
Living 3000 miles away from my best best best friend

While we're on the topic, I meant to post this a little while ago:

Things upon which I would like to spend money:
plane tickets
gifts for friends
did I say plane tickets?
TEFL certification

Things upon which I need to spend money:
student loans
TEFL certification (already signed up)
new contacts
probably, an ankle x-ray
household bills (I really should be helping)

Things upon which I am currently able to spend money:
gas, sometimes.


On another note, I love this Penny Arcade quote from today's comic:
"Hail, Grey Warden. Your master once made a promise to me. Will you abide by that promise?"
"Word. I'm always abiding by shit."

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