Thursday, November 26, 2009

Roast bird and stuff.

Thanksgiving is pretty awesome, btw. And I love having a big family--we had about 22 in attendance, despite the fact that we were missing roughly 17 people (cousins and their progeny celebrating the holiday with the in-laws, mainly).  And tomorrow, assuming I've got enough energy, I'll probably be driving down to Winston-Salem to visit David's dad's family for a day. Lots of driving, but hopefully good times.

enter food coma, exeunt marie.

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  1. okay! people have all gone home so it's starting to calm down again... except brian's dad's aunt and uncle are coming in tomorrow! ahhh!! and WE'RE coming to ric on the 9th! yay!

    we had like 15 people over and thought THAT was a lot.. i hope you had a good thanksgiving! i hope you were able to make it to david's... <3