Friday, April 15, 2011

In its completely raw, unedited form

Because I am tired and lazy and short on time. Here are notes I wrote down two nights or so ago after working outside and driving over the river and walking Miley under the moon, and then never fleshed out. I've put them in chronological order and left the "and" before the robins, because I feel like it.

and the little red-breasted robins, hopping around on the newly turned earth as I worked.

the surreal beauty of the tall, straight, slender trees by the river.

the bare cold fingers of winter and the soft lacy sprays of spring, with the moon shining through.

Here are links from my facebook news feed and from other sources, some of which I have not actually yet read:

Here is a trailer for an indie film on the consequences of a childhood removed from nature. I'm not sure I feel like the trailer is extremely well put together, but I am interested in the concept.

Orange is not the only rhymeless word! This sounds like a good challenge.

Misplaced Mama is one of my favorite blogs. Probably my favorite, actually. I like this, about roots.

This I haven't read yet, but I love linguistics, so I'm planning to when it's not 1:30 am and I'm not late to meet Sara, etc. Evidently analyses show that all languages may have originated in Africa. GO FIGURE. (Given that anthropologists believe that human life originated in Africa, this doesn't seem too shocking. Still interesting though. Or I hope it will be.)

It seems that wolves have been removed from the endangered species list, not because they are no longer endangered, but because people don't like them. AWESOME.

"My Drunk Kitchen" on youtube. So classy.

Starting production on The Hobbit! Best thing of my life!

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  1. Your snippets of description remind me of L.M. Montgomery's "Emily of New Moon" -- one of my favorite books of all time, though I have not read it since I was probably fourteen years old.