Monday, April 25, 2011

Sun and not enough swimming.

Suddenly, walking through the humid night air, it's clear that I'm walking through a mid-growth forest. Suddenly the weather turned and the deciduous trees bloomed into the foreground, and now I walk beneath a low roof of leaves, rather than under the open empire sky.

Today, I tutored Layla out on the dock in the bright sun, and we began and abandoned a story about three geese, and she sounded out words--water, sun, swim--that  I had written on the white board, and we counted and wrote numbers in chalk up to 100, and practiced a few addition and subtraction problems, and I wanted nothing more than to dive into the lake and swim around with all my clothes on. The water looked delicious. The dock isn't even close enough to the water to wet my toes, which is really a shame. But tutoring went relatively well, and afterward I helped Sannah with her fractions homework*, and just hung out and talked for a while. Layla and I started late, partially because I was late (thanks, Hunter) and partially because Sannah and I talked for a while before Layla and I started working. I love them. They're pretty great.

On another note, is it just me, or are there about eight hundred times more inchworms this year than usual? I've always been rather fond of them in the past, but bugs*** seriously lose their charm when they show up en masse.

Tomorrow, hopefully:

Clearing the driveway

Doing laundry

Packing for Lafayette (I leave Wednesday, and probably will not have internet access.)

Picnic at the park with Sara (<3)

Tutoring Layla

Introducing Hunter to the magical world of Talladega Nights

Drenching myself in epsom-salted water in an attempt to get rid of this stupid poison ivy. Why did it have to be on my face? I want to just take a bath in bleach, which is my usual remedy for the stuff. Not baths in it, obviously, but just pouring it over the affected area, or soaking a paper towel in it to accomplish the same thing. I'm not totally insane, no, though I do realize that this is not an option for those with more sensitive skin than mine. This remedy works because poison ivy is highly acidic, and bleach is a very strong base--so it neutralizes the acid. Or that's the explanation I've gotten, at least. The point is that it works. And I'm thinking of showering in it.

*Maybe I'm just a late bloomer, but lately it truly amazes me to realize how much easier math has become as I've gotten older. It isn't that I've practiced any of it, or even looked over it--but suddenly I can see the logic behind so much of it. Suddenly it makes sense, and I can't see why it seemed so difficult before. It's all geometry.**

**I mean this metaphorically. Geometry was the only math that seemed to fit with the structure of my brain when I took it in high school.

***Please note the use of "bugs" rather than "insects," as I am fairly certain that worms of any kind do not technically fall into the "insect" category. Six legs, and all that.


  1. Inchworms are actually the larvae of geometer moths. The term inchworm is used due to their lack of prolegs and their means of locomotion, in addition to their lack of hair - not as an indication of their scientific classification.

    Geometridae comprise of a very large family of moths comprised of over 35,000 different species. Moths are of course in the class Insecta.


  2. Moths are! Oh duh. I'm an idiot. What would I do without you?