Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rodents and emails

I rescued a squirrel today. Its name was Tony. I have decided.

(I walked out the door to go to work, and heard Faith behind me as I approached the car. She was trotting across the porch with a live squirrel in her mouth. This is because she figured out a long time ago that we didn't like her bringing dead animals into the house all the time, so she started bringing live ones instead. She put it down and I put her inside, then picked the poor thing up. I was afraid she'd broken its spine, though I couldn't see any blood, but I put it down on one of the cushions on the porch swing and it lay there wide-eyed and motionless except for its panicked gasping. I was afraid that it would die of shock, if not internal injuries, but it was gone when I came back home. I'm hoping that it recovered and scampered off.)

Man when I'm on this POF website, there are a handful of cool people it seems like, but mostly I just want to send people obnoxious snarky emails. And I mean that's fun, but then sometimes they email back when really I just wanted to say that one thing...

Aaaand I'm a jerk.

Or anyway, sometimes they DON'T email back when I was actually making a possibly not-that-humorous attempt at conversation. So I guess it all works out.

I really felt like I had more to say than that, but I guess maybe I didn't. POSSIBLY I'M JUST BORED OUT OF MY MIND.

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