Thursday, December 3, 2009

Moods/events today

Grateful For Tea
Grateful For Warm Weather
Worried About Lateness
Thankful For On-Timeness
Glad To Train With My Team Leader
Remembering Rapport With Team Leader
Remembering Irritation With Team Leader
Copping Major Attitude With Team Leader
Brief Crying Spell In B&N Bathroom Stall*
Brief argument
Longer Explanations And Reconciliation
Learning To Trust Team Leader
Getting Friendly-ly Harassed By Local Business Owner
Practicing Pitch And Gaining Confidence
Feeling Good About Day/Work?/Life (?)
Daily Rundown Of The Day
Feeling Good About Day/Work?/Life (?)

going home and talking to Sara (thumbs-up) and eating dinner and watching NCIS (thumbs-up) and checking email and writing this and getting sick of the format and giving up and writing in semi-sentence form. I need a shower. I need a bed. David is coming tomorrow! I'm hoping I'll have enough energy for DC on Saturday. After this week, though, walking around in tennis shoes instead of dress shoes is probably going to feel like a vacation on the beach with free ice cream and mai-thais.

*At which point I thought of the quote from Anne Lamott--"and that was when I first discovered that God is in the ladies' room"--and prayed, "thank you." This was amongst lots of other "should I even be here? Please give me a sign. Please open a door, if I should be somewhere else. Please help me learn and cope. Later, after I'd gone back out to where my team leader was waiting, and woman he had helped the previous day came up and said hello and told me that he was great, and that I would do well. I don't know if that was a sign or not, but it was nice to hear.

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  1. i'm so glad david's going to be here! and i hope you guys have fun in dc... i'm really glad we got a chance to talk! and i'm sorry i couldn't talk to you after mailing stuff.. stupid fedex was crowded (idk why..) and it took longer than i expected. on the plus side though, i found a new home made doughnut shop!!! omg so delicious. and i got like 6 huge homemade doughnuts for like $5!!! yes, amazing.