Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yesterday; Today


Drove fully 100 miles around town.
Did some more thinking about quitting my job.
Called the guy I was interviewing with before, to ask whether the position was still open.
Discovered the position was still open.
Worked for a little while.
Got hit on and asked to lunch whilst working.
Got Hired.
Worked some more.
Got hit on again. (I was working in a neighborhood where this is commonplace.)
Worked just a little bit more.
Sat in my car, texted, talked on the phone, ate an orange.
Got a free lunch + some more getting hit on.
          Wondered why someone who knows I'm in a 2.5 year relationship thinks it's worthwhile to buy me lunch.
          Decided Jamaican food is pretty good.
Went to Sara's house; "helped" (aka watched) make cake balls.
Returned to office; quit work.
Talked to David a whole bunch of times through the day. Good times.


Got to work, oh, 25 minutes early (by accident).
Sat in freezing cold car listening to the radio till 8:30.
Started work!
Learned to make various seafoody things.
Learned to operate cash register.
Talked about payscale and vacation-related things.
Worked 7 hours. Made about $56. Smiled. Went home. Ate ice cream. Blogged. Prepared to nap.


Tacky Lights Tour!

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