Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Megan and I drove home yesterday afternoon, and were the last two to leave (excepting David and Jarian, who weren't leaving). I don't know why this seems to happen so often. I don't do it on purpose. It just happens. Megan says that I must be a Shewmake. (I'm not, technically speaking, but we are related.) I didn't feel too bad about leaving so late though because I got a lot of letters written to kids that weren't in my cabin. There were so many this year I wanted to write, and even though I must have written at least fifteen kids, I don't think I got everyone on my haphazard mental list. I guess it's alright.

I had tentatively planned to drive down here to the beach yesterday if traffic was ok and if I had the energy, but though traffic was fine, I did not even remotely have the energy. I had to give myself at least three pep talks and down my emergency Rockstar (Juiced, mango--which is by far the best flavor and which can be practically impossible to find sometimes) just to be able to leave the house and drive across town to hang out with some friends from Mary Wash who were having an "America's Goddamn Birthday*" party.

[At this point I stopped writing and went and hung out on the beach for a ridiculously long time and then went to sleep and picked back up again at 11:35 am. Because, you know, everyone cares.]

America's Goddamn Birthday was really nice. I loved seeing all the guys at the house, and more people from college that I hadn't seen since graduation. I thought I was going to miss the fireworks after I took so long to convince myself to leave the house, but I ended up walking down to Maymont from Stone's house and seeing them from the parking lot. It was really nice. And then I came home at 2 am and my dad was still up, so I sat down and he talked to me for an hour or so about our ancestry, including that we are first cousins to Robert E Lee, six or seven times removed. Evidently  Robert's father moved to Halifax in search of new horizons and founded "a new dynasty," from which were descended my father's father and uncle. So that was cool, and it was nice to talk as we hadn't seen each other in almost two weeks.

I woke up late and got ready to go, spent some time with mom and dad, finally went out to leave, and discovered that I had lost my paycheck. Awesome. I'm guessing I left it at Camp, but not having it is really unhelpful. I for once have enough cash money for gas, so I gave up and headed South. Most of the drive went smoothly, but I hit traffic and made a wrong turn when I was nearly at the house, then found the correct street and passed the house three or four times and was a little pissed when I finally walked into the house. Hugs and hellos from Ami and Sara and Susannah and Brian and Eva and Mike cheered me up though. Also: six crabs and three bottles of Mike's (1 lemonade, 2 limeade). So tasty.

Not many vacations are ever as wonderful has this has largely been thus far.

*Verbatim description from the facebook invite:
"If it seems like celebrating AMERICA'S GODDAMN BIRTHDAY in the city that tried to ruin it is counterproductive, try thinking of it this way: shut up.

anyway, it's happening. we're gonna light some fires and shoot some water guns and chop some watermelons with machetes and spit whiskey into fire and playfully smear pie on each other's faces until somebody takes it too far, then spend the night trying to stop drunk people from crying because life after college isn't what they thought it would be.

If you call yourself a son or daughter of liberty, you best PUMP YO DANG SELF UP."

Which is why I <3 Kyle Schuster. (If you are like me and must Google a name, please note that the first result is not the correct Kyle Schuster. The second (a myspace profile) is. Is that over the line? Am I too creepy?)

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