Thursday, July 8, 2010

What the f.

Yesterday, wearing 30 spf sunscreen, I seemed to gain some skin pigmentation, but then by this morning it had completely faded.Today, in a wave of brilliance, I decided to sit out for a while sans sunscreen. Then, because my skin changed color not at all, I thought that perhaps I should further delay sunscreen application. It was somewhat overcast today, but the water has been beautiful--as clear as I've ever seen on the Outer Banks. We (me, Sara, Eva) read for a while, then swam for a while and saw some dolphins (!) hunting and playing beyond the breakers, maybe twenty or thirty feet from us at the closest point. Very exciting. There were several discussions about the desirability of swimming with, petting, or possibly riding wild dolphins, not to mention having one as a "special friend*." Also, we saw a pelican bus lead by a seagull. Magical. Eventually we left the water and I returned to my chair determinedly, sunning beneath a sunless sky.
Even after leaving the beach for the day, my skin was still as pasty pale as it had been before I drove down. Now? Oh, now my chest, stomach, and thighs are right about that shade of red that a person might turn after being smacked hard. All over. Sometimes I feel like my whole body is conspiring to play pranks on me.

But dolphins!

*A-la Flipper**

**Only not, because evidently Flipper was really annoying? I don't know. I've never seen it.

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