Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Written about 9pm yesterday

I feel so dishonest sometimes, but possibly it's more anal-retentiveness/obsessive attention to detail. Maybe? Or maybe that's just how I justify my bad habits. For example, Ami and I had a conversation today that went something like this:
"When did you come in last night, like one? Were you on the beach all that time?"
"Yeah I was on the beach for a while."
"Did you come in at one?"
Here is what I said:
"I don't know; my phone died."
Here is what Ami almost certainly heard:
"I don't know--my phone died."

The difference being that my phone did die, but not until after I went to bed. And technically speaking I don't know exactly when I went to bed, but I know it was a little after 3 am. So. Perhaps I need to work on this truthfulness thing.

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