Thursday, February 24, 2011


1. I SAW A FROG. I really had thought it too early for frogs. I hope I didn't inadvertently run over it. And if I didn't run over it, I hope it doesn't freeze. Low temp tomorrow night is 32 degrees.

2. On the way home tonight, the sky lit up for nearly half a second. Not like lightning, because
                 - lightning doesn't generally last that long
                 - there was no thunder; I checked
                 - lightning isn't usually a sickly green color.

3. Birds. There are lots of them. The other day they were flying back and forth all around our street all afternoon, and I loved it. Little back bird shapes covering the lawn, then flying up into the trees, then in the backyard, then our neighbor's yard, then our front yard again. And they were calling the whole time. And it was awesome. Birds. Awesome.

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