Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yeah. About that.

For months now I have been working to convince myself that although Festival International was awesome last year, I will not be attending this year. I can't afford it. It's impractical. Et cetera.

This lasted right up until the moment that I scrolled down my Facebook news feed a few minutes ago and saw this video

posted by the Festival International fan page, which I foolishly joined last spring. (More F.I. 2011 videos can be found here.)

You know, these things happen, and I just lose control of myself. All of the really excellent reasons I had to not go seem pretty insignificant at the moment. I'm sitting here quietly searching every airline ticket website I can think of and occasionally making weird noises that are some kind of combination of slightly hysterical laughing and crying. I really like the festival, okay?

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