Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gravity? Meet trampoline.

Well, D and I may hang out soon. I was again considering the idea of giving him a call, and then I got a text from him. There are moments where I feel like hanging out would be fine, even good--but there are definitely also moments where I think that I would be crazy to do so. I'm sort of counting on my mind's tendency to make itself pretty for company.

On another note, I had a realization on my way home from work tonight. I've spent so much time--years--talking about thought patterns and the way negative thoughts perpetuate themselves in our minds. We get used to thinking of ourselves a certain way. We get used to viewing the world in a negative light. One bad turn deserves another.

I swear, if this cat does not get her stubborn little head off my (typing!) hands soon, she is going to bite me and then I am going to throw her across the room.

I don't mean that. I would never throw Faith. But I will definitely drop her not-very-gently onto the floor.

Anyway, tonight it occurred to me for the first time that the same thing can happen with good thoughts. Isn't that amazing? That instead of being constantly dragged down by my habitual thought patterns, I can be lifted up by them. Instead of having to forcefully interject a positive (aka reasonable) idea into my dark little valley of a mind, any negative thought I have about myself can fall into my brain and then bounce back up, as if from a trampoline.

This is pretty much the best thing ever. New goal, anyone?

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