Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday(s) with Marie, which sounds very similar to Morrie.

The only thing I've eaten from my house today is an ice cream sandwich, just now. This morning Jack and Mom and I went out to breakfast/brunch at the Paradise Diner, and I got something other than steak and eggs! I am so proud of myself.* Then I worked through lunch time, came home and ate my breakfast leftovers, and then met Emily for dinner at Champp's. (Champps?) The spelling and the name are stupid, but the food was pretty good. I got a salad**--I am proud of myself again!

At breakfast, I was reading the Land O' Lakes single-serving butter package, and it said that the product within consisted of 44% vegetable oil spread, and 4% sweet cream butter. If anyone has any idea what makes up the other 52%, please speak up. All I know is that it's not trans-fats ("zero trans-fats!"), so I guess that narrows it down a little.

I hadn't realized it at first, but evidently before Jack's party someone put up the solar yard lights that my dad and I got for my mom last mother's day. They look alright, though they aren't very bright. They're sort of dim and orangey, but they show where the walkways are and such. My mom calls them "the Narnia lights," and she loves them, which makes me happy.

Also, we have the cars back! All of them! Hopefully we'll get a good seven days or so before one of them breaks down again--hopefully that'll be enough time to pay my uncle back for fixing them.

*I have a very hard time ordering breakfast food anywhere without ordering steak (medium) and eggs (over easy) with hash browns. So the three egg special with bacon and home fries this morning was a big step for me.

**It was a cobb salad. I have never had one of those before, but it was pretty good. Also, it reminded me of the famous line from Talladega Nights--"I found a whole rat in my cobb salad! Applebee's has rats!"


  1. I can't believe you had something other than steak and eggs for breakfast! That's insane!! AND ALL THE CARS ARE WORKING? That's even more insane, if possible.