Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today thus far.

Found a rotten...piece of apple? In my room. It's about unrecognizable by now. The best part is that it wasn't even buried underneath anything--it's been sitting wrapped up in a grocery bag on my bedside table. But there's so much stuff on there that I guess that almost counts as being buried.

Went for a walk with mom before she went to work. Goal for the day accomplished! It was nice, though I wasn't feeling that great.

Got a call back about a swim instructor job I applied for yesterday! I'm going in on Monday to interview and oh my God, so exciting. I mean, if I take it (which I almost certainly will, if it's offered and workable), I'll probably end up being very angry and complaining a lot about how awful chlorine is again and how terrible the parents are and why in the world did I ever forget how much I did not want to ever work in a pool again, but you know what? I miss water, I miss moving, and I  miss kids. So from where I stand at the moment, I think I can handle a little chlorine. But my skin and hair will hate me.

Am eating leftover "Brazilian Chicken" that I made for dinner the other night almost all by myself. (My mother demonstrated how to cut a whole chicken into pieces.) My family was very complimentary, but it's just okay, in my opinion. The biggest issue is that the flavor is missing a kick. I mean there's a sort of spicy undertone/aftertaste (the cayenne, I guess?), but there isn't anything overt. Possibly it just needed more pepper.

I tried to pay a little toward college loans and the stupid website said the service was unavailable. How many times have I heard that? I think it's a conspiracy.

Okay! Time to go to work and cook some shrimp or something. Yesss.

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