Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today, continued! (!!!)

Physical feelings of not-that-awesomeness have continued not-quite unabated throughout the day, but it's been handle-able. (Plethora of hyphens! I love the hyphenation phenomenon. The beautifully infinite possibilities of hyphenation.)

Sort of the way I love the (maybe?) social acceptability of my fastandloose interpretations of punctuation and spelling and, sometimes, grammar. (This is not to say that I will not almost unabashedly judge a habitually offending misuser of punctuation and grammar and spelling--one who misuses just because, rather than for any sort of effect. These abusers earn my righteous ire.)

I forgot my book when I went to work today, which made the day take a lot longer. But it also took longer because I was busy having a four and a half hour text message battle with some camper (?) who evidently has no life and too many snow days, and claimed to be named Beth (though there are no campers named Beth) and to be "a little older" than myself, and to know me, no, not to know me, no, to know "Chole," no, to be a stranger secretly using her friend's phone, etc. For a while it was entertaining, but by the end I just wanted to curse at her/him?/wtf ever.

ALSO, I'm not sure I mentioned this earlier--I'm interviewing for a second job on Monday, teaching swim lessons (and/or possibly life guarding)! Very exciting. PLUS, I have discovered that this job is at the very same gym ("jim," as John, who I ohsomissverymuch, would say) that is close to my house and which I have lately wished to join. (They have massages!) So hopefully I'll get hired and I'll get a free membership and I'll get discounts on things. (Read: discounts on massages.)
They also have an outdoor water park. Zomg.

Chloe came home tonight, as she does sometimes, upset about things that seem complicated. The gist of it is generally that she doesn't understand that she is awesome--she instead thinks that she is decidedly not-awesome, and she apologizes for things, and she worries that at any moment she may say something unintentionally revealing, and people will realize that she is insane, and the jig will be up, and no one will like her anymore or ever again.

Don't you miss highschool?

Anyway it makes me very sad, particularly considering how she is, objectively speaking, rather amazing, talented, smart, and wonderful. Not to mention good at stuff.

So if you pray or send positive thoughts/energy/what have you, please do so toward/for my lovely little sister Chole/Chloe/Cleo/[thousands of other alternate spellings/nicknames].
(Plethora of slashes! How I love the simple one-stroke conjunction/option-type thing.)

Have I ever mentioned how unhelpful it is for me to become mentally hyperactive right around bedtime? Also, how strange (I want to say disheartening, because it's so much more mellifluous and dramatic, but it isn't actually true. Or maybe it is a little) it is that this is now occurring at 11 pm, rather than 2 am, as it used?
What is happening to my youth???

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  1. I love your header photos! Good luck on the job. A free gym membership is a great perk!