Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Don't we have some kind of speedy communication system now?

One that might possibly allow information to be quickly transmitted from one place to another? Personally, I feel that even if I am accidentally still registered in another Virginia town, since my driver's license says I live a half mile from the polling station here, I should still be allowed to vote. I know we don't want to have people voting in other people's districts, but come on! I have lived in this house since the day I was born! PLEASE let me vote? I am really upset about this. I didn't even get a sticker. I can't even click the "I voted" button on facebook. I didn't even get to help Obama not lose what little control he has in Congress. So upset. I almost cried.

On the plus side, I did finally get Larry's letter mailed. It has a pine cone "America forever" stamp and a drawing of Spongebob (or a Spongebob lookalike) on the back, and a doctor's office sticker that says "galaxy" because the envelope wasn't staying closed on its own and I had/have some celestial dr's office stickers kicking around my car.

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  1. =(( That sucks!! Wow I'm so sorry. ughhhhh....