Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Metaphorically speaking

I mentally referred yesterday to this David thing--wanting but not really wanting to talk about things as they stand, being slightly confused about being totally okay with it--as being like a cake, baking. But then this evening I was thinking that it's more like a loaf of bread, really. Everything has been measured, mixed, floured, kneaded, worked over. Now is the time to wait for the yeast to do its thing, wait for the dough to rise. To rise, dough needs to be left alone, covered, protected, in a warm place. Sometimes it's hard though not to keep peeking under the dish cloth to check the progress. This isn't particularly counterproductive, except that it's silly, and it's a waste of time. Just let it rise.

*Detached footnote: there is a song by that name, "Let It Rise," which is a decent song if you don't find contemporary religious songs off-putting. I can't really find a video of it that I like, or I'd post it here. Possibly though it's more effective this way, as I'm really only interested in the lyrics. I like the idea of considering them in this context. To think of rising in terms of the way bread rises through the action of yeast.


  1. <3 what are you doing this afternoon/evening?

  2. I was house sitting AND my parents and I went to the movie premier of Skyline, which stars Scottie Thompson! Her parents threw it, so I got to hang out with Peyton a little and Ms Benson quite a bit. She is so great. They both are. Unfortunately, Scottie was not in attendance. (Sigh.)