Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some things that have been rolling around my mind recently

Every night when I walk Miley, Orion has been hanging low and enormous over, if I am not mistaken, the Eastern horizon. Last night was so clear that he really glittered, and was completely visible from his shoulders to his head, belt, dagger, right arm, and even his bow. Orion has always been my favorite constellation, but from my vantage point can hardly ever be seen much beyond his strong, bright shoulders and his belt.

Robert Frost famously said that "nature's first green is gold," and while I can't strongly vouch for this, I assume and believe it to be true. I saw on my drive home this afternoon that Richmond is beginning to turn really gold, partly with the early-setting sun and partly with the late-setting summer, and realized that, thanks to the bounteous blessings with which this world has been gifted, nature's last green is gold as well.

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