Monday, November 1, 2010


I was successfully (whatever that means) a firefly. Costume: short black dress from Marshalls*, orangey yellow tights from Anthropologie, coat-with-tails belonging to my aunt's deceased husband, dad's Greek fisherman's cap with some homemade antennae (thanks mom) crafted from Christmas-ornament earrings and memory wire, a bunch of Bath&Body works body glitter spray (Moonlight Path scent, I think) which I found in the bathroom closet. I remember being given a whole set of that B&B "Moonlight Path" line and being rather annoyed, but I guess it came in handy after all. :) We took some pictures that didn't come out well at all, but perhaps I'll get them put up soon. I went down to Hartley and Lael's house to try to drum up some customers for our candy (no one comes up our street anymore), then came home and video skyped Sara, who approved of my costume, and finally went over to Kelly's to see everybody (specifically Kenny, who leaves for National Guard boot camp in the morning) and play Little Big Planet, horribly. I am really bad. At some points we were all laughing so hard that we cried, because I am so bad. It was a good time.

How was your Halloween?

*I have a hard time dealing with there not being an apostrophe in the store name. Is it seriously supposed to refer to a group of people or things named Marshall? It cannot be a present progressive verb, because the verb in question has only one "l." Observe: marshal, which would become he/she/it marshals. Long story short, unless the store was founded by multiple business partners named Marshall, this is just one more gargantuan case of punctuational idiocy.

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