Monday, November 29, 2010


Tonight, after The Sorcerer's Apprentice at the Byrd (which I quite liked, actually*), there was a long, soul-searching conversation (along with rooibos chai tea and turkey-vegetable soup and turkey salad sandwiches--can you tell we've just passed Thanksgiving?) with Anna. I love those. I know I've mentioned this before. I never really know what to say about them, except maybe that I think she's half angel. But maybe we all are, if we will have the eyes to see it. Before she left just now, I was overwhelmed for a few moments with the memory of a children's book that we in Cabin 3 (2?) read to our kids this summer--Nate, Jerian, and I. I don't quite remember the title, but the lesson of the book is to "be the tree God made you to be." To me, largely that means being honest, not only with others, but with myself. Accepting my weaknesses and strengths, without regret, without apology, without shame. Accepting your weaknesses and strengths too, without blame or judgment. It's a very freeing thing.

We also talked about the idea of a homemaker's club--not that we particularly want to be homemakers, but we are interested in the hows of things like making butter and cheese and bread. Or harvesting black walnuts. We still haven't had our nut weekend. Anyway the dreamed-up idea would be to meet regularly, maybe one Saturday a month, and each time learn to make or practice making something different, possibly with occasional field trips thrown in. It sounds rather heavenly to me.

My throat has been sore, and was more so today when I awoke, so today has been spent Christmas shopping online, doing some extremely light straightening up, drinking tea and broth and water, taking a shower, and watching a marathon of Hallmark Channel specials. My mother is of the opinion that this channel is "the only thing worth watching, this time of year," and generally this is pretty okay with me. I just wander in and out of the room showing the movies. Getting a good chunk of the shopping done was a huge weight off my chest, and felt wonderful. Staples has some excellent deals at the moment, in case anyone is interested.

Christmas lights are blooming like spring flowers everywhere I look. Every time I turn around, another lighted tree has popped up from the frozen earth with the speed and delightful surprise of a golden or purple-striped crocus. I love it.

*When it comes to movies, there's a lot to be said for going in with low expectations.