Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2010 Camp break number one.

Dinner with Sara and Brian. Was awesome, but I don't think I have ever been hit on so hardcore by a hibachi chef. Possibly by anyone. And I am serious here--it was borderline sexual harassment, complete with sex and blowjob innuendos. Sara said she was just glad it wasn't her, and I get that. Anyway, she payed for dinner, so I guess I could take one for the team.

Now I'm trying to figure out what new phone to get from Verizon, and I'm looking for one w/o a data pack because I am cheap/broke. Razzle? Cosmos? Convoy? Exilim? I have been at this for hours. Razzle is probably out due to its size and some negative reviews. Probably. Cosmos seems pretty good. I like the convoy and exilim for several reasons--first, they're both flip phones, and both built to military specs. Both are really rugged and durable, and the exilim is waterproof, which is awesome. Unfortunately, they're both bulky--convoy is really thick, exilim is v. long. Convoy has excellent battery life, I hear, but costs $70. Exilim is, as I said, waterproof, but takes blurry pictures if you aren't careful and has less-than-stellar battery life. That one is $20.


So. Though I hate to say it, I guess the convoy is out due to its cost, and also the fact that it's markedly thicker than a deck of cards. I am a front-pocket phone carrier, and I don't think I can be having that, even if I had an extra $70 lying around right now. Anyway, if I had a lot of extra money, then I'd be getting a Droid*.  Not that I'm bitter.

This leaves the LG Cosmos and the Casio Exilim. Cosmos is far prettier, and far less waterproof. Cosmos size is better. Cosmos has fewer megapixels, but doesn't seem to have the blurring problem present in the exilim. Cosmos has a qwerty keyboard. Cosmos also, if my memory serves me correctly** has more reported glitches than the Exilim.

Cosmos--pretty, qwerty, nice size.
Exilim--military specs, waterproof, 5.1 megapixels.

Did I ever mention that I hate making decisions?

I need to go to bed.

*Did you know that they have a truly incredible night sky star-and-planet-identifying free app on that thing? No, seriously. You hold it up against the night sky, and point it at the star or planet or constellation you want to identify, and it can tell where you're pointing, show you the sky that you'd be seeing as if the phone itself were a window, and labels the stars/planets/constellations you're looking at.

**Which, to be honest, is fairly unlikely at 2 am and after a couple of weeks of insufficient sleep

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  1. Waterproof sounds awesome, so that's my vote.