Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jenny suggested that I become a librarian.

I finished organizing the Camp library this afternoon around 3:15, checked the time, and realized that I'd been working on it for about six straight hours--beginning around 9:15 and working through lunch. I love books. I don't like to stop working on projects before I'm finished. Honestly, I don't really see how people can do that, once they've got momentum going. For me, the momentum and the focus are so vital to any "get this shit done" project, especially one having to do with organization. Once they're lost, there's no way that stuff is getting put back.

Anyway, the categories are now as follows, from left to right across the dining hall wall. Categorical titles are quotes, unless otherwise noted.

Section one: empty. (Possibly a space for books to be reshelved by me. Zomg, I would so love for "librarian" to be my morning job.)

Section two,
Top shelf:
Fantasy Series(es)*.
Second shelf: Misc. Fantasy:
Magical People**,
Innocent Bystanders Affected By Magic**,
Third shelf:
Misc. Sci-Fi.

Section three,
Top shelf: Animal Stories:
People With Animal Friends,
Stories Starring Animals.
Second shelf:
Story Books. (Both needed a really tall shelf.)
Third shelf:
Historical Fiction.

Section four,
Top shelf:
The World Around Us: Science!
Animals, Weather, Geology, etc.
Also, Space.
Second shelf:
Third shelf:
Short Stories,
Biblical Stories/Resources.

Section five,
Top shelf:
Sports Stories, Fiction & Nonfiction.
Second shelf:
Mystery Series(es)*
Third shelf:
Scary Stories,
Misc. Mystery.

Section six,
Top shelf:
Joke Books,
Activity books,
Books from/about Movies & TV. (Tragically small categories, you see.)
Second shelf:
Comics, Manga, Graphic Novels. (Tragically large category.)
Third shelf:
Books On Being A Kid. (Aka Captain Underpants. This section is also secretly known as "shit.")

Section seven, Top shelf:
Award-Winning Books & Authors,
Classic Stories. (I.e., Dahl's books, Journey to the Center of the Earth, etc.)
Second and third shelves:
Books On Growing Up. (Also mostly secretly and affectionately known as "shit*.")

Section eight: Staff Book Exchange.

I am a beast.

*(es) is not actually written on masking tape and stuck to the bookshelves.

**These are placed next to each other and listed under "magic." To label them separately would have taken too much space, aka more space than the actual respective groups of books.

***Please note that this is not at all to say that all coming-of-age literature is worthless. However, most coming-of-age lit is worthless, or at least, most of what we have here can be thus described.


  1. Um, you're amazing and that sounds like a dream job. I love looking at, touching, and reading books. That's awesome. Do you get reading time at camp? Or when do the campers read (check out?) the books?

  2. Ok, I'm not sure whether this is Sara. But no there's not a whole lot of reading time, and yes the campers are strongly encouraged to check out books.

    And you are awesome too! If you're Sara, and still if you aren't based on your assertion of your love for looking at/touching/reading books.

  3. Haha, it is Sara. I guess my comment was a bit more ambiguous than most, but anyway. When are you in town next? I'm guessing the next chance I'll get to see you is nags head?


  4. I'm in town tonight until Tuesday around noon. I've got errands and such to run tomorrow, but maybe we can meet up?

  5. Yes! that would be fantastic. We've got nothing going on tomorrow except for the gym... want to grab lunch? or do something in the afternoon? or dinner? lol