Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More on our origins--

From an article called "Birth And The Origins of Violence:

"...Psychologist Andrew Feldmar encountered four adolescents who were repeatedly attempting suicide at the same time each year. When he had put all the facts together, he learned from their mothers that their suicidal compulsion was occurring each year around the time their mothers had tried to abort them - something the adolescent children had never consciously known. [Bold font mine.]
The same fetal sensitivity shown by these self-destructive youth is put to positive use in programs of prenatal stimulation. In every program which has been empirically tested, the efforts of parents to communicate love and welcome to their babies in the womb has been crowned with success. A prominent benefit has been the creation of strong mutual maternal infant bonding.
Security and peace are the natural products of communication and love."

I wonder how many times my mind can take being blown before I completely flip out.


  1. Whoa! That is a pretty good mind-blower. I love the little reminders like this of how much of biology we still don't understand. :-)