Tuesday, June 8, 2010

There's really too much to ever write down, so I'll try going by sections.

Saturday: Rehearsal Dinner.

You know, I'm sure that some interesting stuff happened on Saturday morning, but it's not coming to me right now. Maybe later. But we all (most, anyway) met at the Gardens at 3:45ish for the rehearsal, and then waited until about 4:10 for the groom and groomsmen. That was good times. Then we sat inside in the air conditioning until about 4:25 or 4:30. I guess maybe the people in charge felt like they were talking about something important. Mind you, we only had the space to rehearse until 5 pm. I don't want to talk about it. So we ran slapdash through the ceremony and the processions in about 30 minutes, and skedaddled.

I guess I was low on gas and didn't want to drive to the farm, so I left my car at Sara's and rode with her and Brian. On the way we were serendipitously located at the same spot on the road as a very small turtle who seemed determined to have a brush with death. He was truckin along straight onto Patterson, and luckily we figured out what he was in time to pull over and rescue him. I wanted to take a picture, but we were stopped halfway in the road, so I decided against it. Anyway, he was a good sport about the whole thing.

At the dinner, the lights were lovely. The tent was lovely. This guy Tom was trying to fill the citronella lamps I had cleaned with the oil I brought, and when he opened the bottle it sprayed in his face. Good times. Luckily, he managed to avoid catching himself on fire throughout the rest of the night. And let's cut to the chase here--the cake was delicious. (The food was pretty good too.) As soon as I finished my cake, of course, I changed and jumped in the lake. People seemed to be entertained by this, though more people got in later. A few people sat on the dock and asked me to fan some cooler water up to their feet. I did oblige--the ridiculously warm layer was several feet deep, and not nearly as refreshing. Anyway, the lake was good times. The fireflies were amazing, filling the trees and streaking purposefully through the superaqueous air. I can make up words if I want. One of the fireflies evidently tried to mate with his reflection, and was blinking sadly on the surface of the water as Kelly, Chloe and I swam back toward the dock in the fading twilight. I rescued him. He dried on my hand as I swam, and flew away as I reached the dock.

We cleaned up and left around 11, and when I got home I remembered that I'd been invited to Stone's birthday bonfire, which had begun at 8 pm. I called and found out that the bonfire was still in progress, and headed across town to hang out until about 1:30. It was great to see Stone, with whom I have not spent any time since college, and also Robert and Kyle and Mike. I was hoping that Liz would be there, but she couldn't make it. In any case, Robert and Kyle and Stone and I are hoping to start up a weekly poetry writing thing, similar (I think) to what I had hoped Friday Poems with David would be. The difference here is that I didn't twist anybody's arm, and everyone involved has taken and loved poetry workshop classes. David was, I think, just trying to be nice. : )

Some pictures.

Rehearsal dinner setup:

Citronella lamps, out of which I shined the hell. (Before and after.)

King's (Kings?) Dominion:
Kelly and me, of course. See that awesome purple necklace I'm wearing? My mom made it on Wednesday. It fucking fell off my neck at the rehearsal dinner, probably in the lake. FML. I am a rotten kid.
Bendy pirate won at the arcade, guarding the heinously overpriced The Intimidator collector's cup, with free refills wrist band. In the background, bendy frog won at the arcade, guarding a strikingly similar cup.
Rehearsal dinner:
"Groom's" cake. IT WAS DELICIOUS. I really cannot stress this enough.
So, photography wasn't really my focus on Saturday. It happens. More, possibly, tomorrow.

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