Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In addition to all of that.

First, there always seems to be one word or phrase that I completely overuse whenever I write here, especially if I write after midnight. (You know, like I usually do.) Most nights I read back over and obsessively edit out all of the redundancy I am awake enough to catch, but tonight I think I shall refrain. This past time the phrase seems to have been "good times." I don't really want that phrase to be stricken from my vocabulary, but looking back I think I've been becoming far too attached to it. What ever shall I do?

Tonight my mom found a letter in the basement that was written by (I think) my grandfather's wife to my mother. It's postmarked "Salinas Ca, 959 28 / PM / 16 Jan, 1988." I was one and a half. She wrote, "...Do mail that letter you wrote, for we are hungry for all news of Mlle Marie. I still enjoy thinking of her attacking our candy jar in Richm[ond], flapping her wings like a chicken as she approached. Quelle charactere!!"

I guess some things never change. I wish I had gotten to know her. What a treasure.

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