Thursday, June 3, 2010

On being more social.

I gave my phone number to a random guy today. (I mean, not completely random, because he was hitting on me, but random in that I'd never seen him before in my life.) First time ever to give out my number instead of shooting strange men down as gently as possible. I have been telling myself that I should be more open minded for a long time, and also pointing out that no one ever meets new people by refusing to talk to strangers, but my brain still sends up a big, slightly panicky DON'T WANT flag every time anyone I don't know tries to talk to me.  Especially if I get checked out more than one time during said horribly awkward attempt at conversation. So this time I acknowledged the DON'T WANT message and then inwardly heaved a massive sigh and gave this guy my phone number, telling him out loud that I'd be leaving town soon and telling him silently that he better freaking not be a stalker because I really don't feel like changing my phone number. So I guess we'll see how it goes. Probably nowhere good, but at least I tried. I guess.

I mean he isn't even my type. I don't really know what my type is, or if I even actually have one, but if I do I think I can reasonably say that he's not it. For instance, "speaks clearly enough to be consistently understood" would be pretty high up on my list of desirable qualities. I'm just saying.

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