Friday, August 13, 2010

Another thing forgotten yesterday, plus some other things*.

I meant to write (I remember now! I didn't because the computer was shut off when I came in. I think.) about how Miley and I walked last night through a dense mist, and the trees loomed cavernously over the street that runs parallel to the stream along the bottom of our hill, and the lights shone out from the houses like a fairy tale.

Tonight we pulled and jerked and dragged each other along beneath the height of the Perseid shower, but luckily we were protected from its radiance by an overcast, sodium-light sky.

On the upside, I saw two toads in quick succession--the first sat stock-still as Miley ran just over it, and remained so as I picked it up and moved it off of the road. The second I only saw because it jumped somewhat frantically away from Miley as she approached, and she chased it into the tall grass beside the street. Nature vs. nurture, anyone?

*One of the things I most love about myself is how perfectly brilliant I am when it comes to making up titles.

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