Monday, August 30, 2010

Because that other thing was already so long and whiny

Here's one more: somewhat humorous and horribly incorrect, politically speaking.

Honestly, despite my best efforts I cannot understand what would possess a person to take a fork from the dishwasher and place it among the spoons. How did this cluster of spoons come to reside among the knives? How did this band of knives end up with the forks?
Perhaps it has something to do with the famous artistic temperament. After all, the other two people who do dishes in this house are both painters. It may be that if I were to begin to paint more often and with more real feeling, I too would begin to see the inherent evils of flatware segregation. I have been told, but I would finally begin to truly understand in my heart that separate is not equal, and that knives and forks are just as important and deserving as spoons. That it is wrong of me to deprive my cutlery of the cultural exchange and broadened worldview afforded by the integration of jars and drawers. I would have a dream* that someday, a utensil would be judged not by its rough edges, but by its mettle.

*This being said, please know that I am a great admirer of Martin Luther King Jr, and I am a person who is truly disgusted with racism in any form. Flatware segregation is pretty much the only segregation I support.

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  1. oh i know exactly how you feel. how about this one:

    please do xxxxx while i do yyyyy
    why not? i'll just have to do xxxxx after i finish...
    yeah that's fine