Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Were I a toddler, this would be true love. The truest.

We (myself, my sister, my mother and two of her sisters, so elegant) had our lunches together at Can-Can today--a really quite lovely French restaurant in Carytown. I had never been in, as it seemed expensive and I am generally cheap, but it was, as I said, really quite lovely. It was full of exquisite little touches of elegance and Europe and class. It seemed (to, admittedly, one who has never spent an instant in France) to feel very European. The ceiling is high, gold and intricate, with circles of fleurs-des-lis around the hanging lamps. The floor is real marble mosaic. The bread is real, good bread, cut right there on a marble countertop before being brought to the table. French herb bread, baguettes, apple bread with raisins. The walls are decorated in places with antique mirrors. The bar was imported from France in three parts. In the bathrooms, there are European-style toilets with silver chains, and beautiful porcelain sinks with arched, swanlike spigots.

I would like to go back.

Ten Thousand Villages is having its (evidently yearly?) 75% off sale, and I spent more money than I should have on a really beautiful hand-woven black alpaca scarf with black embroidery and lace weaving and tassels at the ends made of black ribbon. It is from Bolivia. It was originally $125. How in good conscience could I turn that down? This is the sort of scarf--shawl really, I suppose--that I might pass on to my grandchildren. It is truly a treasure.

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