Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I want to love the world. I want to smile with everything. With everything I have. I want to travel. I want to love. I want to dance and be at peace.

Written in the aftermath of an afternoon with Maggie and a viewing of the movie "Eat, Pray, Love." I feel that saying so cheapens it all, but let's not let it. I highly recommend the movie. I more highly recommend the book. I most highly recommend, I don't know, loving the whole world. Love. Connect.

I am not a scientist--I am just a person who is enthralled and fascinated by science. But what I know of science is that underlying everything, it appears that there is nothing but energy. Is this new to you? This is brilliance to me, in the "great brightness and magnificence" sense of the word. It is possible that my samsonic* denial mechanism plays a small part here, but when I let myself, I can see and feel that everything is is unendingly scintillating brilliance--love--and that I am a part of it, and so are you.

(If you don't like neuroscience or whatever, skip to minute 9 or so.)

And one last thing.

*Which is not even remotely a word, but should be. What better symbol of strength than Samson? Probably there is a perfect, dictionary-recognized synonym that I am overlooking here. Feel free to help me out.


  1. i am dying to see that movie. i adored the book and i saw some previews.. i feel like juilia roberts fits the part *perfectly*. in my mind i cannot imagine someone better, really.

    i liked that ted talk, too