Thursday, August 19, 2010

I have no idea why this font is extra small. It says it's normal-sized.

A little chaser to follow that bitterness from yesterday, the other day, whenever.

First: I applied (via Craigslist, as almost always) for a before/after school teaching position at the Goddard school, and almost immediately was called for an interview. Here's hoping that goes well.

Second: Thanks to the splendid motivation provided by the heavenly smell of Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day soap, I mopped and scrubbed pretty much the entire upstairs (aka main floor), including walls and doors, mostly excluding the bedrooms. Everything smells like geraniums. It is quite lovely.

Also, having worked for about three days, I can now say that my room is mostly clean. And my shoes are organized! This is truly cause for a celebration. 

Unfortunately, the 75% off* stool I wanted to buy was sold today. Such a shame. Maybe I'll have to go for those boots, after all. If I get some money.

*Speaking of which, here is what I think every time I look at or think about that gorgeous, more-than-I-should-have-spent-on-a-scarf scarf I bought (75% off!) the other day:
"And it shall be an heirloom of my kingdom. All those who follow in my bloodline shall be bound to its fate, for I shall risk no hurt** to the [scarf]. It is precious to me, though I buy it with a great pain."

Ten hugs to anyone who correctly identifies that quote.

Don't judge me.

**Yeah, it may or may not be sealed up in a gallon ziplock bag with some lavender oil on a tissue. It's alpaca wool, okay?

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  1. Ha haa! Awesomeness for the quote. Truly. Awesomeness. :-D
    Just don't forget that his was called Isildur's Bane - don't let yours become the same (though, I expect the lavender oil should help). ;-)

    And YAY for the nearly instant callback! That does sound like a good sign! I hope the interview goes well!!!