Thursday, January 13, 2011

And now, a few extremely original musings on the night sky.

The sky has been gorgeous all this evening and all tonight. The roof is ringed with clouds around the horizon, and all above the sky is clear, with gauzy tendrils of cloud wandering across in front of the stars and moon. It's a half moon tonight, and golden, and glowing, hanging slightly tilted like a rounded cup set down on the ground. I think it may already have been setting when I set out. It seemed to be sinking fast through its glittering dark sky, and it shone like a low beacon through the branches of the woods at the bottom of our hill.

I seem to have run out of peppermint tea. That is, my mug is empty. The teapot isn't. But it's all the way over there, and I am all set up over here.

While I was gazing around the darkened streets and sky and woods and trying to match words to what I was seeing, Miley was industriously seeking out optimal rolling patches. I've started to be able to see the signs, though I can't describe them well. One thing I can single out though is that she stands fairly still for a moment, sniffing, and then she gives one wag--back-forth--of her stubby little tail, and then she hurls herself face-first into the dirt and wriggles around as much as possible before I drag her away. Tonight she did it at least three times.

I got more tea, but the cozy was left off and the tea is now tepid. What a shame. 

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