Thursday, January 27, 2011

On Priorities

I started training for a swim instructor job this week, having told them originally that I could probably only do 2 days a week and then thinking, temporarily, that I could do 4. Tuesday I realized that 4 was not going to work out after all, as the later times weren't working for one of my tutoring clients, and finally was able to get in touch with a manager of the swim school today. Unfortunately, honoring my prior commitments makes me a liability--and goodbye swim school. I have to admit that while I am really pretty disappointed by this, I'm also a little bit relieved. Losing the prospective source of income is sucky, but this frees up my summer quite a bit. Now I can make my own plans, be they tutoring or Camp or private swim lessons, or, dare I say it, vacation.

I totally had other things to say, but I can't remember them at all. Here is one though that I am making up:

Tutoring: SO AWESOME.

Also, I really like NPR. Like, a lot.

And on the way to work tonight I had the thought or feeling that I was finding my stride and rhythm in life. I think I do have these feelings periodically, but that doesn't make them any less awesome. And I had this vision of my future life, just a flash, imagining what it might be like. I can never remember these things clearly, and they're mostly just feelings of adultness and awesomeness I think, but it was nice. And I imagined a piece of advice for a youngish female: "Just find your beat, baby girl."

I don't know why I like the "baby" word to be inserted into phrases when I'm emotional. I have no explanation for that.

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