Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In the new years.

I'm not great at New Year's* resolutions. I forget to make them, and I don't really care. Looking through some things I wrote last year (or two years ago?) though, I saw that one of my resolutions was "don't panic." It was a good resolution. I highly recommend it. I was thinking about this as I bitterly lay in bed this morning**, and I also mulled over the fact that I am less good at resolutions like "clean 15 minutes every day" (not to knock your list, Sara! It's an excellent goal) than I am at resolutions like "no jackets in the living room."  I just don't keep up well with anything vague, anything that I'll do "sometime today." For me it has to be an extremely specific "don't even think about doing that shit." Par exemple: "are you panicking? Cut that crap out. Calm yourself down right this second." Or, as I am maybe considering for this year except that it seems like too much effort, "excuse me--did you seriously just drop your jacket on the sofa? Again? On top of the jacket you dropped on the sofa yesterday? Pick up the damn jacket."

The reason this is too much effort is that I don't really have space in my closet for my jackets. So if I don't dump them on the living room couch, I generally dump them on my bedroom floor or chair, and end up with either no place to walk or no place to sit. It's a good time.

*Should this be capitalized? I have been wondering each time I type or write it, but thus far I've been too lazy to check.

**I got six hours of sleep, because I didn't see any particular reason that I would need to get up at any particular time. Evidently though it was extremely important to wake me up right at 9 am, which is exactly the time you should wake me if you want me to be really angry and completely unable to go back to sleep.

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