Friday, January 21, 2011

On a Friday.

I am heavily tired.

I dislike city driving.

I am utterly sick of painting.

I walked Miley tonight in the early evening, which is out of the ordinary for me. It was so dark, and as last night held a full moon I was confused by this. I guess the moon hadn't risen yet. It was a strange feeling.

I helped my aunt today, and just before I left she gave me earrings and a wool hat that apparently used to belong to another of my aunts. I haven't worn earrings in almost ten years--eight, maybe--because whenever I have tried since then my ears have gotten infected. She promises that these surgical steel posts won't have that effect. I guess that makes sense. They are hearts with copper wire frames, and they dangle. She put the hat on me and decided that I needed rouge and lipstick. It all looked nice together, though (not really owning any makeup) I don't think I'll be able to reproduce the effect any time soon. She is pretty wonderful sometimes.

Shockingly colored sunsets are beautiful, but I love the way a clear evening sky fades up from pale orange to white blue to a deeper, darker, clearer blue than would ever be possible anywhere else. The simple perfection of it takes my breath away every time.

This will be a busy weekend. I want to see the people that I have plans to see, but I don't want all the running around and confusion that it will entail. I am trying to dredge up some enthusiasm. Dear God, please give me a good night's sleep. It has been so long.


  1. It's easy to love spectacular sunsets. Too easy sometimes, I think. It's a special thing to truly appreciate that more simple fading of the light, deepening of the night.