Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Day With Momma

I got to spend the day with my mom today, and it was awesome. We went and loaded her car trunk full of wood from a tree our friends had cut down, then went to the store, the bank, and the Clothes Rack. I am a terrible shopper, but I've acknowledged the fact that I know jack about what looks good on me when I see it on a hanger, so at this point I'll pretty much try on whatever people pick out. My mom and I have the same body type (go figure), and she is not a terrible shopper. I now have three largeish bags of new clothes. Incidentally, today marks the first day of my new life as an indentured servant. Guess who unloaded all that wood by herself?

I didn't end up getting this dress, but I did get the boots, which you can't really see but which are fantastic. I'm glad I took a picture of the dress though, to console myself about not owning it.

I may have been swayed in the "not buying" direction when my mother asked me, "so are you going into a new line of work?"

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