Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why am I always awake at 2 AM?

Went down  to the pond again tonight after feeding the horses, and although there were no bats, it was gorgeous. The mist was pouring over the (still unfinised) bridge, which was pretty cool to watch, and if I sat still enough I could hear noises from pretty far up and down the valley*. Why don't I live here, again?

In other news, once I finish house sitting I return to having no life (I mean, even now I have no life, but at least I'm going to get paid for it), so that's an issue. Let me know if you know anyone who's looking to hire an English major with limited job experience. Skills:

any kind of child care
saving you if you have met with an unfortunate accident:
if you have stabbed yourself in the eye
if you have broken your femur (or another bone)
if you have stabbed yourself with a fish hook
saving you if you are choking
saving you if you have nearly drowned
possibly saving you if you have injured your spine or somehow allowed your heart to cease activity.
organizing closets, drawers, or piles of crap
untying hopeless knots
taking out the trash
teaching water safety
listening to all your problems and telling you how you aren't as terrible as you think
house sitting
watching tv
reading comics
staring into space for long periods of time
painting things on rocks
writing on restaurant sugar packets

*I am fascinated by soundscapes. I was thinking whilst sitting by the pond about how (I know this isn't puzzling or anything, but I still like it) the reach of my ears could be so limited somewhere like in a cave, where there really is just nothing--drips, breathing, shifting feet--and then there in the field I could be hearing things from miles away. I love the way sound can carry so well down a hill or across water, when it's quiet. I hate the way I get so confined in crowded, closed, loud spaces that I forget.

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  1. before school started, while i was helping the upper school folks, i walked with peter jin down to a m.s. parents' cookout. the weather was great, all was calm, no cars, the campus was so peaceful. and peter said, "i forgot how loud it is in virginia." i was almost embarassed at how little i was actually hearing.