Monday, September 7, 2009

Gee, what a grape time.

My father's family has some pieces of land, all close together or right up next to each other, in White Stone, Va. Actually, unfortunately, it's not really my father's family--it's the family of my father's ex-sister-in-law. Apparently they are distant cousins, several generations back, but I'm pretty sure that's not enough of a blood connection for me to have a shot at ever living at Mosquito Point. Maybe if I beg I'll be able to have my wedding there someday, but I think that might be all I can hope for.

Anyway, my parents and my sister and I went out there for the day to visit said former aunt of mine (though "former," we still address her as an aunt, and always will) at her little cottage by the river and have dinner. It was beautiful. Her daughter/my cousin and her husband and kids were out there, though staying in another house, so we saw them for a little while. Mom and Chloe (sister) and I went kyaking, and then all of us went for a ride in a skiff that my cousin Holly and her husband are thinking of buying from one of the many members of this sprawling family that I don't really know. Sweetheart's husband, I think. I guess I've probably met Sweetheart at some point, but I don't remember it.

Back to topic, which was the awesomeness of Mosquito Point. I know it's a terrible name, but the mosquitoes are really less of a problem there than they are at my parents' house. It was just nice to see my aunt and cousins, to spend time on the water, and everything. Actually the ride in the skiff was really awesome, because my dad got to come. He's in a wheelchair and can't really use his hands or legs, so there are a lot of things he can't be a part of, but Brian and a friend of his that was there (also named Brian, actually) lifted him down into the boat and found a way to keep him in a seat without him falling out. He said he hadn't been in a boat like that in 40 years.

After boating we, thoroughly soaked, went back to my aunt's house and watched the sun set from the little strip of beach down the hill. I was shocked and pretty excited to find out that there were wild concord grapes (because I've never picked grapes, wild or otherwise) growing all along the beach. We picked a little bag of them, and my mom wants to make jam. Unfortunately, though the discovery was exciting, apparently I don't really like wild concord grapes. They were beautiful anyway.

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