Monday, September 7, 2009

Edit/recap of things tonight, in bullet form, plus an edit, not in bullet form:

we visited my aunt at the river, and kyaked, and road around the bay in a skiff, and picked wild grapes as we watched the sun set from the beach.

as a result of complaining that none of the houses at the river will ever belong to me, I got invited to an island in s.c. for a weekend. evidently I am stupidly lucky today.

my mom fell asleep in the living room, and my dad in their bedroom (I am back at my parents' house. man I'm cool.)--so I'm hearing the snores in stereo. kind of cool.

I finished book 10 of the Wheel of Time series. this, for those of you who don't know, is an extremely long and involved fantasy series. all of the books are around a thousand pages long. did I mention how I was cool?

also, my cousin holly asked me when I was getting engaged, and the question didn't even really freak me out or particularly irritate me. as a result of this, I am now freaked out.

one more thing: I just found this post on opendiary about the anniversary of Katrina in New Orleans. it's really good. now I want to go to nawlins and help however I can. thinking that, my automatic reaction (never fails) is, "they probably don't still need help," or, "what could I do, anyway?" or, "I wouldn't even know where to start." any excuse to stay at home and do absolutely nothing. but my mid-summer resolution has been to start doing things. to start taking risks and stop sitting at home and whining about how I used to waste so many opportunities. I don't know if I'll end up in new orleans anytime soon, but I've got to stop making excuses.

I know that anyone reading that is probably thinking, "yeah, right. tomorrow." but I really have made some progress here. specifically, I have been looking into/applying to work teaching esl in south korea, and I'm trying to actually listen when people suggest things to me. it's like my own personal little version of "yes man*."

*which I have never seen.

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  1. you could pick a weekend in early spring, sign up with a work group. i'll get off a thurs-sun. we could scrape up some funds to fly. i bet the church would help us some. my mom has always wanted to go down and work. i bet john would like to go too. you rock.