Monday, September 28, 2009

Pictures From the Summer

As requested, of food (and other things I love).

David picked these for me while I was digging up glass bottles from an old dump uncovered in our friends' yard where they are opening up a cave:

This is my cousin Tom and his sister's youngest, Lilly:

My mom and sister make amazing breakfasts sometimes. For example: poached egg on a garden tomato, grits, and waffles from scratch with homemade blueberry syrup:

David's completely adorable nephew Joseph, lying on the floor for no apparent reason:

Beautiful garden tomatoes and basil from, I think, my aunt Beauchamp:

My wonderful parents

Wild concord grapes growing at White Stone, Va

House sitting horses and a goat named Princess with Kelly

The best boyfriend I have ever seen in real life, snuggling with an extremely loving and energetic three-legged dog named June:

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