Thursday, October 8, 2009

Not to put too fine a point on it, but... FML.

I applied for a writing/editing position today, and eventually received this reply:

 "You need to know that when you send an experienced editor a resume, any spelling or grammar flaw is going to be noticed instantly."

I knew this! I know this! I proofread! But, evidently, not well enough to catch "Universty."


I am mortified. I nearly cried.


Scratch that, I did cry. Good and hard, but as quietly as possible, considering that there are other people in the house, and I don't want any sympathy or anyone around when I'm crying, generally speaking. On the upside though, I was able to wash my face until it cooled down enough to pass without notice at the dinner table for a good ten minutes, and by then I apparently looked normal enough to shrug off the one comment that was made.

I've given myself this pep talk: I will not believe that I am a failure. I will not believe that I am worthless. I will not allow myself to believe that I will never get out of this. I will not despair.

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