Friday, October 16, 2009

Oh! And! And!

I got my car back! Temporarily. Or, semi-temporarily. Who knows. My uncle has had it because he was going to fix this leak in the radiator, and, you know, time has passed. He's got a lot going on, I can (strictly speaking) survive without it, my parents owed him some money, etc. I was over there helping out today, and discovered that I'd need the car (fif he could send me home in it) this weekend, and he fixed it! Or patched it, more like.

See, actually the leak wasn't technically in my radiator--it was in my heater core. However, as the radiator fluid runs through the heater was still causing me to lose all my radiator fluid. And I do mean all. So today what we did was bypass the heater core, thus essentially removing the leak. That doesn't make sense, but you know what I mean. The fluid doesn't circulate through there anymore, so it doesn't leak. Also, I don't have any heat in my car. Or, a defroster. But that's ok! Because I can drive up to see David! Hell yes.

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