Friday, October 2, 2009

Some things.

Last night I turned out my light, fell backwards onto my pillow, and my mattress collapsed. There's sort of a jury-rigged (jerry-rigged? I wonder this every time) setup going on with my bed frame--there's a cast-iron frame that was my mom's when she was a girl, and then set inside of that is a piece of the bed frame my sister used to use, which is antique and doesn't actually fit any non-antique mattresses, but is supposed to have a mattress sit inside of it rather than on top, and then on top of that (not inside) is a mattress set from my great-aunt's estate. It seemed all right when we put it there, but apparently it's a little precarious. Anyway at 2 am, in my pj's with no contacts, I had to pull out the stuff from underneath my bed, slide into the space that was left, and bench-press this ridiculously heavy mattress back into position. It was a good time.

Also: that hot pink silk jacket I was all upset about? It was still there. I got it. It is mine.

Off to Pa for a weekend of bridesmaidey things!

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