Monday, October 12, 2009

The Folk Festival

In case there is anyone out there who is not aware of the fact that the Richmond Folk Festival, held annually on the river at Brown's Island and historic Tredegar Ironworks, exists and is amazing... there you go. It does, and it is, and you should go. If you are nowhere near Richmond come October and you are lazy/busy/not rich, then there are actually other folk festivals around, as well! Good times can be had by all! The best part about this festival, I'd say, is the freeness of it. That you get to drive to downtown Richmond, park someplace where you will (hopefully) not get towed, and walk straight into the festival. There are people at the entrance, but they are handing out event schedules and telling you to have a good time. It is fantastic. Three days of sunny (mostly), free, friendly musical awesomeness. Also, if you've lived in Richmond forever, as I have, you will probably be running into a bunch of people that you know. That's pretty great, too. Of course, David's being there two out of the three days didn't really hurt, either.

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