Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And another thing.

This dog really is cute. She just stared up at me from the floor, and the second I spoke to her, she jumped up and settled down against my leg.

That being said, Faith really cannot (or will not) stand her. Earlier I cautiously let Miley out into the living room where Faith and Little Bit (other, much older dog) were curled up in front of the fire, reasoning that I'd just grab Miley and separate them if she misbehaved. But she was good! She was a little interested in Faith, but when I told her to leave the cat alone, she did. Faith, on the other hand, growled almost constantly, increasingly so, every time Miley was anywhere near her. Eventually Miley came a little close to Faith's chair (in the process of retrieving a ball), and Faith freaked and started swiping at her. Of course this got Miley upset at her, and she started jumping up and barking. What the heck, Faith? I know you're an old cat and everything, but the dog was almost completely ignoring you. Chill.

Anyway, this really upset me. I am aware that my reaction was over the top and kind of ridiculous, but I started to cry a little a few minutes later, in the middle of an attempt to eat a bowl of cereal. I guess I'm not over whatever it is that's been making me weepy and dramatic. Stress, I guess it must be. Over this new dog and her not getting along with the other animals, and over living with my parents and not being able (so far) to find a good job, and feeling like a failure for it, and over being so far away from so many of the people that matter most to me. Kelly and Jr and a few others, all of whom I should see more often, are in town, but several of us don't have good transportation and some of us don't have much money, and some of us don't have much time, and I've always been terrible at socializing with people. It just doesn't come naturally to me. Usually it doesn't even occur to me to call. But still, I miss so many people. Lindsey and the babies are in New York, John's in NoVa, all the Ericksons are in Arkansas (except one, who's in Boston), Fran and Susannah are in Pa, Katie's in Fla, Victoria's off at college in Western Va, a bunch of people are in Fredericksburg, Sara's in L.A., and David, of course, is in Front Royal. I know it could be much worse, but still, it can be more than a little frustrating.

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